3" 90 Degree Aero Port Kit

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3" 90 degree flared aero port

It has never been so easy to correctly port and tune your bags! 

Port and speaker performance all depends on efficiency of the port design and how well it can work.  Our new 90 deg 3" aero ports solve these problems.  Increased smooth airflow through the port will result in more output and less potential for any port noise or port velocity restrictions at higher volumes. 

Extremely easy to install into any bag.  Find a flat surface at least 5.5" in diameter.  Drill a hole with a 5" hole saw.  Drill your 4 mounting holes and your done and ready to adjust the inside port length to hit the tuning freq you want. 

Ports are .25" wall thickness for minimal port wall resonance.  

These will work great with the Euphoria 10" midbass in any factory bag or similar size bags. 

- Kit includes:

       *Two 90 degree aero ports.

       *Two 6" pvc extensions. 

       *Mounting hardware



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