American Suspension Black RADIAL B-62 With Stock Leg Adapter

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Now you can fit a Stoppie King™ B-62 Radial Caliper to the Stock Fork Legs.  Fits SINGLE AND DUAL ROTOR SET UP.


  You can start with stock rotors and space to go to 13" or larger rotor.  This design provides a strong solid foundation to start with Stoppie king brakes, upreade to bigger rotors, then advance to the Mach 7R.  >>UPGRADE TO 13' ROTOR CLICK HERE


The Stoppie King™ B-62 RADIAL uses Monoblock construction , means the entire caliper is made from a single block of aircraft aluminum. The Stoppie King uses six 1" diameter pistons. The Stoppie King™ uses twin bleeders so you can quickly remove every single bubble of air from the system before you trust your life to your brakes.


B-62 RADIAL piston brake caliper, with radial mounting

The caliper comes complete with banjo bolt and high strength cone type internal wrenching mount bolts.  The bolts are ½” bolts much stronger than the bolts overseas calipers come with.


6 piston vs overseas 4 piston


Monoblock vs everyone elses flexi flyer two piece caliper.


The B-62 RADIAL design gives you  maximum braking power.  Bolted together calipers flex and distort under load.  The B-62 RADIAL is a rigid solid block.   No squishy lever – just solid braking power.


The Monoblock design means a distortion free caliper eliminating the need to compensate for weak caliper design with differential bore.  Every B-62 RADIAL piston lays down full force on the brake rotor.


The B-62 RADIAL features brake bleeder screws, strategically placed to give you fully bleed caliper quickly and easily.


The B-62 RADIAL six-piston design distributes braking power to the pad over a very wide surface,  Giving you maximum brake power.


Available to fit stock and 13”rotors



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