Insane Asylum Motorsports BMF Lowers (8” or 10”)

Regular price $975.00


So many options! 

Our massive lowers!

  • Front end must be raked in order for these to be used!
    Made to hold a single 10" 
  • Single 8" dual 8" can fit!
  • Package includes lowers cut out for 8" or 10", also replacement for the crash bar to mount them.
  • There are perfect for multiple Euphoria Xpert 8" and 10" setups! 
  • Approximately .44 cubic feet!! 

These BMF Lowers (8” or 10”) are constructed with top-of-the-line fiberglass materials using our cutting-edge infusion aerospace technology.

* These are made for big time audio bikes!

*We can not guarantee that all shifter and brake pedal set ups will clear. 

*This will need to be modified to fit if your running a 21" or smaller front tire. 

*Parts are built to order. Lead times will vary depending on schedule at the time the order is placed.  Sales are final. 

 *Parts come in a gel coat finish and need final fitment and prep required before paint. 

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