Curly’s Inc Mega Space Road Glide Game Changer Bracket

Regular price $1,400.00


The wait is over! You want 8’s in the front of your 2015 & up road glide…no worries we got you covered. And have tons of extra room for amps!! No more molding, cutting, painting or long waits to get your bike back. We have designed a complete 100% OEM replacement bracket that allows you to run 2 8’s and multiple amps inside the factory inner and outer fairing with zero body modifications to maintain that factory look. It is made to accept all 8” speakers. We have included a set of 8″ Silicone Speaker Baffles (see pictured) with your order at no additional cost. Also has an amp tray where we created the maximum amount of space to allow you to run multiple amps and/or DSRs. Compatible with stock radio, Sony or the new Alpine Half Din Radio. This part is also made available with optional super tweeter mounts for those that prefer to run tweeters up front.

  • Requires running the shark tooth headlight only!
  • This bracket also eliminates the pods and lower vents in the fairing. The vents will act as ports for better sound on the road. We will include mesh for the rear vent holes.
  • You will need to block off the front vents! 
  • All of the factory windshield and top vent go back on
  • Installation: Simply remove your factory radio bracket and components and install ours in its place and you’re ready to roll. All you need to do is trim the 2 top inner headlight mounts to allow your headlight to bolt to your bracket.

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