Dual 6.5" Fiberglass lids

Dual 6.5" Fiberglass lids

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Option 1)
Option 2)
Option 3)

Fiberglass bond on lids.  Use these to bond and seal the top of your bags for your enclosures.  This will add approximately .3 cubic ft to your bag enclosure over just sealing below the hinges.  There are multiple configurations available to fit your system design.  Speakers will mount from the top and they will come with grills and trim ring.  

Option 1) Dual 6.5" with 3" tweeter location

Option 2) Dual Db Drive P9 compression horns with 3" tweeter location

Option 3) Blank 

*These are built when ordered. 

*Fitment is for 2014 and up bags

* These lids are to bond on and will not open. 

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