Rehab 2.5 Audio Bags

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REHAB 2.5 Bags 

The most airspace available!  Yes these are 2.5 cubic feet up to the lid mounting hardware.  So if you add our bond on lids and mold them to the bags you will have 2.8 cubic feet!! 

-Infused with the strongest materials and layers available.  

-8" internal mounting depth. 

-Back of bags is basically flat with exception to the shock relief area. You can cut in any set of rings and configuration you want.  Single 10" with massive port, dual 8", single 12", Dual 10".  Lots of potential. We will have options available soon. 

-9-1/8" at the widest point on the bags. 

-Works with 2014 and up lids. 

-This kit will include: Bags with side covers molded in (only way they come) Either the Rehab or Strung out rear fender will work and the Drop rail mounting system. 

 -The lids in the pictures are our Bond on fiberglass Dual 6.5".  They are not included in the price but can be added.  

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