Insane Asylum Motorsports Snookies Extreme Bags

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Meet the Snookies! 

Big Fat and obnoxiously loud! 

These bags like all of our audio bags are built using the infusion process which is the same process used in aerospace and high end carbon fiber race car parts.  Nothing is as strong as our bags!! 

-Bags are well over 8.0 cubic feet!  

-15" wide at the back. 

-Flat lid surface so you can decide what combination of mids and horns you want to run. There is room for as many as 3-10" mids or 4-8" mids plus horns and tweeters. 

-Enough surface area on the back for any combo you want to run. 

    -2-15" easy

    -3-12"  easy

    -4-10" easy

Base package includes: 

 -Bags, Fender, Drop rails, Tour pack mount

Level 2 Package: 

-Everything in the base package. 

- Your choice of the rings molded in. 

 -Bags ported and braced. 

BSD upgrade: 

-Everything in the base and Level 2 packages. 

-Bag and fender lighting package.

 -Lid and inset side Badge logo inserts.

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