Strung Out Ass End

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Strung Out Ass End 

  • Strung out ass end is 8" down and 12" back.
  • The rear fender is 16" back at the point for that long sleek look.
  • The bags come with replaceable plastic skid plats. Fender also has a replaceable skid plate.
  • No more tearing down your bike at the paint shop for repairs.
  • This kit also features alignment brackets mounted to the end of the bags to mount to fender assuring your gaps stay perfect!

*Fits 2009-Current

*Bags are for 2014 and up only lids.

*Audio upgrades available.

*Mold in 10”, 8” or dual 8” rings, plus double layer layup for added strength. 

*Port seal and custom tune. 

*Body kit is built to order. 


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