Strung Out/ Rehab Skid Plates for Fender and bags with LED accent lighting

Regular price $135.00


Want to step up your visibility? This can be used in addition with our tail lights to where your rear fender and bag skid plates will be converted to LED for use with your brake lights and running lights

Sold as a kit.

**Fender skid plate is wired left and right so it can be tied in with the turn signals. 

**Lights are 2-wire and will need a run/turn/brake module for older bikes. Pre-2014.

**For the 2014 and newer we have resistors that will need to be wired into your factory outputs.  

** These lights are CNC from 1/4" plexi to fit our fenders and bags.  They are not flexible.  

** All sales are final!  If you buy these to try and fit to any other fender or bags besides ours you own them whether they fit or not. 

Also available for just the rear fender and bags separately. 

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